Paul's Fantasia Boutique Suites

”A break from reality”


Regulations define the rules of providing services, responsibility and rules of staying in the rooms/suites, and they are an integral part of the agreement which is concluded by paying a deposit and later on by checking into Paul’s Fantasia Boutique Suites. By doing so, the Guest confirms that he has acquainted himself and accepts the terms and conditions of the Regulations, which apply to every Guest staying in Paul’s Fantasia Boutique Suites. The Boutique Suites day starts at 15.00 and ends at 12.00 the next day.

Paul’s Fantasia is an Adults Only destination

Due to Paul’s Fantasia Boutique Suites unique character, antiques and fine art we welcome adults only (18+). Adults only simply means that no children or infants can stay on our grounds.


The day at Paul’s Fantasia starts at 15.00 and ends at 12.00 the next day. On arrival each Guest is obligated to show their ID at the reception desk in order to confirm their identity and to fill out the registration card, which is held for 3 months. Paul’s Fantasia Boutique Suites gathers only personal details which are necessary for reservation purposes. Without receiving this information, Paul’s Fantasia Boutique Suites can not accept the reservation.
A guests booking is personal and the rooms/suites can not be transferred or used by a third party. Paul’s Fantasia Boutique Suites has a guest only policy and visitors must register in reception upon arrival. Visitors of Guests are allowed to stay in rooms/suites between 07.00 and 22.00 otherwise the Guest will be charged for an extra person a night.


The Guest should make a payment for renting a room/suite latest on the day of arrival, when checking in. There is optional paying by cash, Zloty / Euro or Visa / Mastercard. We give VAT invoice on the Guest’s demand. The legal registered owner of Paul’s Fantasia Boutique Suites is Jennifer Collection, B.Nilsen, P.Nilsen NIP: 8522477018.

Reservation Cancellation

In case of a cancellation of a standard reservation later than 72 hours prior to arrival Paul’s Fantasia Boutique Suites charges a 100% fee of the unused reservation. If a non-refundable reservation is canceled/shortened, Paul’s Fantasia charges 100% fee of the unused accommodation.
The deposit is non-returnable for Guests that do not arrive. In case of no arrival and the reservation is for more than one night, Paul’s Fantasia can cancel the reservation as a whole, after the end of the first unused night. If suites were reserved through external providers, like Airbnb or, their cancellation policies will apply.

Extending the stay

There is a possibility of extending one’s stay in the room/suite after having agreed the duration with the staff, depending on availability.

Reception opening hours

07.00 – 12.00 and 15.00 – 18.00.

Checking in

15.00 – 18.00. If checking in outside opening hours, the Guest is obliged to give prior notice of the arriving hour.
The arriving guest must follow instructions and entrance code, received by SMS.

Checking out

Before 12.00. Guests are obligated to check out from their suite and return the card / key to the staff before noon. In case of checking out before 7.00 Guests are asked to give prior notice to the staff. When leaving outside opening hours Guest is encouraged to put the room key in the metal box beside main door marked ” “Return keys”.


There are five parking spaces inside Paul’s Fantasia grounds. The gate opens by pressing your personal code. Street parking is free of cost.

Staying at Paul’s Fantasia Boutique Suites

The Guest agrees to use the rooms/suites in a way which raises no reservations. All signs of inappropriate behavior give staff the right to check out the Guest immediately and return no costs. The boutique suites may refuse to accept guests who, during their previous stay, grossly violated the Regulations by doing damage in the suites or in the property, damage or disturbed the peace of other Guests, employees or persons staying in the building.

Guests are not allowed to make any changes in the rooms/suites and their furnishings. Our suites contain a lot of antiques and fine art and the Guest is held responsible for all kinds of damage or destruction of objects, fittings and technical equipment, caused through their fault or fault of persons visiting them. The Guest should report any damage immediately to the staff.

The Guest is not allowed to transfer or sublet the rooms/suites to other persons, even when the time period for which they paid the amount due for stay did not lapse. Paul’s Fantasia Boutique Suites has a guest only policy and visitors must register in the reception upon arrival. It is strictly forbidden to sit in the vintage 1930 Austin 7 car and violation will be liable to a fine of 200.- PLN. 

Financial responsibility

Paul’s Fantasia Boutique Suites is not held responsible for the loss or damage of money, securities, valuables and objects of scientific or artistic value. Personal belongings left inside the suite, after the Guest’s departure, will be sent back to the address indicated with money collected delivery. In case when no such instruction are given, Paul’s Fantasia will keep these objects for one month and then utilize them..


Daily housekeeping. Change of towel is made every third day.

Quiet Hours

From 22.00 to 7.00 the following day.


Smoking inside Paul’s Fantasia Boutique Suites is strictly prohibited and violation will be liable to a fine of 200.- PLN, or the Guest may be denied  access to future stays. Smokers are kindly asked to use the garden, outdoor terrace, outdoor patio or outdoor entrance area.


Pets under 10 kg are welcome to stay free of charge. The owner, however, is obliged to keep the animal in a way that which does not cause any discomfort to other Guests. Animals can not stay in the bed, neither take part in breakfast or Happy Hour. The Guest is responsible for any damage the animal causes on the property grounds and for removing waste left by the animal .


Guests of Paul’s Fantasia Boutique Suites can use Wi-Fi and Netflix free of charge.


A Scandinavian breakfast buffet that includes many homemade dishes is served in Piazza di Beata between 7.00 – 10.00 on weekdays and 8.00 – 11.00 on Saturdays and Sundays. In low seasons or low occupancy, breakfast can be served to the room/ suite, but if so, the Guest will be informed.
Lunch bag must be ordered the day before in the reception.


Paul’s Fantasia Boutique Suites has a food delivery service from surrounding restaurants. Guests will find menus and telephone numbers in rooms (staff is also English spoken). Guest must call inn his order and will be notified upon food delivery by a SMS. Guest must pick up delivery and pay outside Paul’s Fantasia main entrance gate.

Wine & beer, etc.

A small assortment of wine, beer, sodas and water can be purchased in rooms or at the reception during opening hours. There is also a self Assortment and prices are given in room/suites. There is also a selection of wines and beers that can be purchased in the lounge.


For celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries etc., please notify us, so we can give our tribute. No parties or events in public areas.


For your safety Paul’s Fantasia Boutique Suites is fitted with a 24-hour fire security system and video monitoring public areas. There is smoke detector and fire extinguisher in each room/suite. Fire extinguishers are also placed in public areas. We kindly ask Guests to familiarize themselves with the use and also to pay attention to Emergency evacuation.
There is a personal safe in each room/suite. A heart starter/defibrillator is mounted on the wall inside the reception. When leaving Paul’s Fantasia, the Guest has a duty to lock the door to his suite, the main door and the gate. 

Candles / fireplaces

It is allowed to use candles and fireplaces if the Guest sign an Open Flame Permit in reception. Approved candles can be purchased in the reception. Other open-flame devices are not allowed to use. Always make sure the candle is completely out and the wick ember is no longer glowing before leaving. Never leave a burning candle unattended and never burn a candle near anything that might catch fire.
In room fireplaces can only be used when glass windows are closed. Wood must be purchased in the reception.

General Rules

Information provided by Guests is necessary for reservation management and for sending information concerning products and services offered by Paul’s Fantasia Boutique Suites. Without receiving this information, we cannot accept the reservation. Paul’s Fantasia Boutique Suites gathers only personal details which are necessary for reservation purposes.

Personal Data

The administrator of personal data is who is the legal registered owner of Paul’s Fantasia Boutique Suites. Office address:. Please be informed that you have the right to access to a correction or deletion of your personal data. As well you have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data’s or to launch a complaint or grievance. To do this please send an email to with heading “Personal Data”.